Dominique Joyeux

Dominique Joyeux
Camera: 1960's Rolleiflex T
Dominique Joyeux is originally from France but has been living and working in London for five years now. His current project titled London Lives is based on the architecture, the light and the people inhabiting the capital. He says “There is less natural light seen on the streets of London than most European cities but I like it and shoot without flash 24 hours a day. The buildings of London have been in place two, forty or 600 years, they don’t move, but the light moves around these structures from front to back on a daily basis and changes their look each time I see them.. “People move too, and for a split second they come in front of my camera and become one with a building, before passing on to wherever it was they were going and whatever it was they were going to do next. “I use an old fashioned Rolleiflex T from the ‘Sixties, which uses two and a quarter inch square film. The pictures are always square and I try to take the whole shot as you see it in the camera.” If you see yourself or someone you know in one of these photos and would like a credit on this site, please get in touch at All the photos are copyright of Dominique Joyeux and cannot be reproduced in any way without permission. copyright 2004 The site was designed by Sarah the Bardwell-Evans inc. 2004
Dom Joyeux
by Tom Elkins
Rolleiflex T